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About Me

James Bliss - jbit.comI'm James Bliss and this is my homepage. I'm a British expat living in Houston, TX. I run JBIT Solutions - jbit.com.

I focus on IT security, availability, and performance (in that order) of hardware, software, networks, and services for small & midsize businesses (SMBs).

Before starting JBIT Solutions I worked for IBM GBS as an IT Specialist, on internal IBM projects (GD & SOA) and also as SDM for global telcos, financial services, and national Govt. agencies.

I hold a BSc. (Hons) in Business Information Technology from MMU Business School ('00-'04).

Get in touch. Online I'm most active on Twitter, but you'll also find me on Google+ and LinkedIn. Or, if you prefer email click the big ol' button below.

What I Do

JBIT Solutions logo - jbit.comI run JBIT Solutions. We help SMBs improve productivity, collaboration, operational resilience, and security & privacy.

We're an Authorized Google Apps for Business Reseller; secure business-grade email, document creation, file storage, instant messaging & video, and much more.

We partner with OpenDNS to provide SMBs with Enterprise-grade web filtering to secure networks & devices against botnets, malware, & phishing attacks.

We partner with VyprVPN for Business to provide SMBs with virtual private networks primarily to secure connections when using public networks (e.g. wi-fi).

We partner with CrashPlan for Business to provide SMBs with secure and robust real-time off-site backup of PCs and laptops (Windows, Mac, Linux).

This Site

I'm a huge fan of WordPress, dev'ing & sysadmin'ing WordPress sites since 2005; however, this is not a WP site.

A CMS would be overkill. This is a static site. No CMS or database means less to maintain and less to go wrong. Oh, and as a byproduct it's less vulnerable to attack.

Site architecture:

  • Mobile-first & browser independent
  • Written in HTML5 and CSS3 using BBEdit
  • Built using the Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Hosted at GitHub using GitHub Pages
  • Delivered, optimized & protected by CloudFlare

I think WordPress is awesome for sites with dynamic content. At JBIT we help SMBs maintain, secure, optimize, backup, and monitor WordPress websites.

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